Our training courses are focused at e-business development. Ranging from the client side web user interface (WUI) training to the server side training in developing distributed objects in Java and Oracle.

All trainers are also consultants and developers who have real world experience of the issues concerning development in Java and implementing Oracle.

We at Abigold will train your next generation of developers and consultants, using certified trainers with real world experience in consulting and development.

121 Training This type of training is designed for individuals who wish to undertake intensive training on a one-to-one basis with an experienced tutor. It is an ideal way of refreshing oneself in a subject that has not been revisited for some time and is sometimes utilised by the IT professional who is working in the commercial environment but needs extra help in meeting a project deadline.

Whatever your particular reason for requiring one-to-one training, we'll be only too happy to help.

Tuition is charged at the rate of £65 per hour plus VAT and is offered at hours convenient with the individual.

Contact : How to contact us info@abigold.co.uk

Tel: 020 9316 0395 Fax: 020 8316 0395

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