Abigold Consulting's Applications are web-based applications, which employ the HTTP/SSL protocol to support information exchange between browser and server.

For example, the topology of the Abigold Consulting Document Management System (DMS) is illustrated in the following diagram:

The elements of the Abigold Consulting DMS technical architecture are described below:

The client software configuration required to access the Abigold Consulting DMS is:

Netscape 4.0 or higher, Internet Explorer 4.0 or Higher

Document Viewer(s) e.g. Adobe Acrobat


Network connection to the Intranet


Oracle Application Server (OAS,iAS)

This component manages the interaction between the client and the other server components of Abigold Consulting's Applications. As such, the OAS controls presentation of the application interface, exchange of information with the RDBMS and access and retrieval of electronic files stored in the archive according to the instructions relayed by the application interface. The components of Oracle Application Server:

Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)

The RDBMS is implemented in Oracle 7.3,8i,9i. It is organised into a number of schema for data and application procedure access and security purposes. The RDBMS serves two purposes:

Storage of all Abigold Consulting's Applications metadata (i.e. tables, columns, indices, primary and foreign keys, referential integrity, database links etc.) and data (values stored in the tables and columns)

Storage of the Application User Interface code (PL/SQL stored procedures, functions, packages and triggers). This software is used to present the Abigold Consulting Application to the user, through OAS or iAS, in the browser on the client.

Java/FileTool Components

These components support the upload and download of electronic files. Acting from instructions from OAS, these components load files into the Archive, retrieve files from the Archive, spread the files across the Archive structure, and interface with the RDBMS to store all archive and storage information.

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