Abigold Consulting's applications are built on Oracle databases and create an integrated web-based work environment, running on UNIX or NT systems. All are scaleable, secure and accessible from any work station using a standard web browser. The solutions we offer range from installation of tailored, proven applications, to consultancy, new application development and ongoing support.

Application (DEVELOPMENT)
Abigold Consulting's suite of applications will work together as part of an integrated web-based environment. Our core tools are designed to improve information management and sharing and, in particular, to increase the effectiveness of project teams. The concept of team-working was central to the development of our applications. We have structured the technology to allow discrete groups to set up and manage their own sections of the system to suit their own needs.

In addition to building large dynamic web sites, we provide a set of tools that allow you to manage the site once it is operational.

Milestone Tracking - Track critical elements, highlight delays automatically, track knock-on impacts.

Meeting and Action Management - Invite participants, distribute documents, register actions and monitor progress.

Online Approval Procedure � Forms processing for complex online approval.

Document Management System � Integrate and control documents and all other forms of information - paper-based, img, e-mails, faxes - to support your working processes

Directory Services � An on-line directory of all system users - titles and contact details etc.

Noticeboard/Announcements � Relevant news instantly available as required to the whole organisation or a specific team.

Web Site Editor � A tool for managing the structure of a web site, controlling access for editing the site, and publishing dynamic content such as news.

Feedback � Capture, store and retrieve site visitor communication.

Subscription � Send news announcements to subscribers.

Photo/Video Archive � An indexed stills/video reference library accessed via the web.

Access Management � Control and manage user access, centrally or on a group-by-group basis.

Usage Reporting � For system administrators to monitor activity

Inventory Management � A dynamic record of hardware and software in use across the system

Abigold consultancy services, as you would expect, make a virtue of being practical. Our accent is on the delivery of a business solution, using the simplest, most reliable technology available.

At the same time, of course, our work with major clients allows us to evaluate, learn from and develop the latest technologies within our field.

So our consultancy is first and foremost pragmatic, operating in the real business world of time deadlines, strict budgets, staff weariness with constant change and management requirement for measurable and genuine efficiency.

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